Franklin Enclosures

Now, we’re partnering with Franklin Enclosures to execute a flawless Sales & Marketing strategy to deliver the right results for this innovative player

Franklin Enclosures is a Canadian company focusing on custom-built, fully sealed indoor growing & processing rooms for Cannabis & Psilocybin.

The industry has been evolving rapidly over the last few years, affecting grow methods and regulations, and Franklin Enclosures has evolved with the changes, while always keeping in mind the respect for the plant and the artisan growers which are key to the industry.

At Franklin Enclosures, they believe growers are artisans and masters of their own techniques, and each of them is different in their own way. They give the grower flexibility to create the perfect environment at the right cost while satisfying all health requirements. Grow rooms are custom made for each facility and can be adapted to all installations of lighting, irrigation, and HVAC systems while maintaining the perfect environment to avoid cross-contamination or any mold threats. Sanitation has always been a key issue, and our enclosures and the clinical grade FRP interior make this an easy task alongside any SOP’s.

Pricing varies depending on size and installation fees but we are definitely a more effective alternative to any other construction methods, without compromising any grow and processing environment while satisfying customer’s needs and maximizing your profits.

Franklin Enclosures treats all partners and build-outs the same no matter if your customer is building a hundred-thousand square foot facility, nursery, or processing site. “they take passion in each build as they stand by their builds for as long as you are growing. They understand this is not just a business to you—it is your passion—and they would like to be a part of your story.”